LIVE EVENT - The Future of Cable Business Services 2013 | Wednesday, December 4, 2013 | Westin Times Square | New York, NY


The Future of Cable Business Services 2013

Keynote Speakers:

John Guillaume,
Vice President, Product Management & Strategy, Comcast Business Services

Philip G. Meeks,
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Business Services, Time Warner Cable Inc.

Kevin A. Stephens,
President, Commercial & Advertising Operations, Suddenlink Communications

Andy Striegler,
Vice President, Rogers Carrier Services, Rogers Business Solutions

Dan Templin,
Senior Vice President, Mediacom Business, Mediacom

Michael Tighe,
Executive Director, Data Services, Comcast Business Services


Back by popular demand for the seventh straight year, The Future of Cable Business Services 2013 is a one-day conference that will examine the progress that cable operators are making in the roughly $140-billion U.S. business telecom services market and the challenges they face in keeping up the momentum. This live event will address the growth trends in the market as the cable industry approaches the $8 billion mark for annual revenue in commercial services and the nation largest MSO, Comcast, closes in on $3 billion in annual revenue for this high-growth category. The conference will also address cable’s latest initiatives on the commercial front, including Metro Ethernet, hosted voice, cloud-based apps, Wi-Fi hotspots, video conferencing, data centers, managed services, mobile backhaul, small cell technologies, Docsis Provisioning of EPON (DPoE) and Ethernet PON over Coax (EPoC). Further, the event will look at cable’s growing efforts to expand beyond the small-business market to midsize and larger firms, as well as the different delivery technologies (coax, fiber, Wi-Fi, and small cells) that MSOs are deploying to serve the commercial sector.

The Future of Cable Business Services 2013 sessions will focus on the strategies that cable operators are pursuing to lure new commercial customers into the fold. In particular, panel sessions will analyze the market opportunities that offer the most promise for MSOs, equipment suppliers, and business users, including all of the services listed above and other emerging areas. The sessions will also focus on the pros and cons of the main infrastructure options available for delivering business services, including cable’s traditional hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) plant, all-fiber extensions, Wi-Fi and other broadband technologies.

As in previous years, the conference's format will consist of detailed introductions to the main themes by Light Reading Cable/Video Practice Leader Alan Breznick, as well as keynote presentations by senior MSO executives actually delivering services to commercial customers today. The format will also include a series of panel discussions and debates involving key cable equipment vendors, industry consultants, and cable providers engaged in developing and deploying commercial services. Audience members will include cable operators, telco providers, hardware and software vendors, business owners, IT development experts, service integrators, market consultants, and financial analysts.

In staging this exclusive live event, our primary goals will be to:

  • Gauge the cable industry's progress in deploying business services so far, looking at cable operator deployments of different services, MSO capital spending outlays, vendor equipment orders, vendor product plans, and MSO stratrgies for future commercial rollouts.
  • Examine the technical, operational, and competitive issues raised by the commercial services market, weighing the key problems encountered by cable operators deploying business services and exploring the innovative methods that industry players are developing to solve them.
  • Lay out the course that the cable industry will likely follow over the next year, reviewing the current strategies of cable providers and equipment vendors and predicting how they will pursue various sectors of the business services market in 2014.
  • Assess the cable industry's costs of delivering mission-critical business services, looking at both the capital and operating expenses of upgrading cable HFC plant for two-way reliability and redundancy, installing new fiber links, deploying wireless broadband, and maintaining the networks at the high performance standards demanded by commercial customers.
  • Provide constructive and practical advice to cable operators on the way forward, offering suggestions from tech vendors, MSO officials, industry consultants, and other experts for developing and deploying business services without disrupting their core residential service operations.

The key questions we will seek to answer will include:

  • How is the slowly recovering economy affecting the cable industry’s efforts to boost its commercial market revenues and share?
  • How prepared is the industry's HFC plant for mission-critical commercial services, particularly carrier-grade Ethernet, cloud-based apps, wireless broadband and other advanced services?
  • How are cable operators gearing up to deliver more sophisticated business services to midize firms and large enterprises?
  • How much will the cable industry keep spending to upgrade its networks for commercial prime-time readiness and redundancy?
  • What kinds of new equipment and software are tech vendors testing, developing, and deploying for commercial service use by MSOs?
  • Which business services and commercial features are proving most popular so far? Which ones are coming up short right now?
  • What new commercial services and apps are in the works to sustain cable’s fast growth pace?
  • Which new vertical markets are cable operators seeking to enter in the next year? Why?
  • How are the telcos responding to cable’s fresh incursions into the SMB and enterprise markets?

With the phone companies increasingly striking back and the standards for commercial service delivery constantly growing, cable operators will need to innovate more than ever to grab a larger chunk of the ever-expanding business services market. The Future of Cable Business Services 2013 will spell out the latest trends in the commercial market and show attendees numerous ways to keep succeeding.

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